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Baggage Allowance


​​​​​​Flying with baggage?
Pre-order ​checked- in baggage and pay less​​​​

  • You can make your checke​d-in baggage reservation in advance on the UP website, through the UP Call Center and through your travel agent. You can reserve checked-in baggage service up to 6​ hours before the flight.
  • You can reserve checked-in baggage service at the check-in counter at the airport and pay full price for the service​

Baggage Allowance                           UP Basic​ UP Smart 
​1st checked- in bag weighing up to 23 kilos, maximum size 158cm ​
(length + width + depth)
​$​20 for advance checked-in baggage service

$40 for checked-in baggage at the airport​
2nd checked –in bag weighing up to 23 kilos per bag, maximum size 158cm
$50 for advance service

$70 for baggage service at the airport 
​$50 for advance service

$70 for baggage service at the airport ​
3rd-5th additional bags​ 
Up to 23 kilos in weight and a maximum of 158cm
$190 for advance service per bag

$210 for baggage service at the airport per bag 
​$190 for advance service per bag

$210 for baggage service at the airport per bag ​
​​​The prices are per passenger per flight segment, according to the baggage being transported
Payment for services ordered at the check-in counters may be made only by credit card. It is possible to pay in cash at the​ cashier’s booth adjacent to the check-in counters.

Premium Matmid members enjoy baggage benefits​

​​​ ​​ EL AL Platinum and Gold Matmid members are entitled to one checked-in bag, free of char​ge.​​​​​​​
EL AL Top Platinum members are entitled to store two checked-in ​bags, free of charge​​.

Overweight/oversize baggage: ​
  •  ​For overweight baggage, weighing more than 23 kilos and up to 32 kilos – $70  
  •  For oversize baggage, measuring a total of more than 158 cm up to 277 cm -$100
  • ​​ Additional information and excess bag​gage FAQs ​

  • Comments:

    • ​Prices are in US dollars – per passenger in one direction.
    • ​The information relates to UP flights and does not apply to code share flights and flights with other airlines, including continuation flights.
    • ​At some airports the payment may be possible only in the local currency, according to the conversion rate on the day of payment.
    • ​A suitcase weighing over 32 kilos and/or exceeding 277 cm will not be accepted and arrangements for shipping should be made with the cargo department in advance and for a separate payment. Contact  Up Call Center at +972-(0)3-9771060 / *5666
  • ​​Each passenger is allowed up to 5 suitcases. A sixth suitcase and above will not be accepted and arrangements for shipping should be made with the cargo department in advance and for a separate payment. Please contact the Call Center at +972-(0)3-9771060 / *5666.
    • ​​ ​If you are flying with a child (2-11) and reserve checked-in baggage , a child’s carriage is considered one additional piece of baggage.
    • Passengers flying with infants (aged 0 – 2) on UP flights   may check-in strollers at no cost.
       UP Smart passengers traveling with infants are entitled to  baggage allowance for the infant as well, weighing no  more than 10 kilos and measuring a maximum of 115 cm or 45 inches.​
    • ​​​For passengers with wheelchairs, UP does not charge for wheelchair storage. For details and conditions regarding the transport of wheelchairs, click here​
    • Please do not include any identification documents, fragile items or valuables in your checked baggage. It is recommended that such items should be carried on-board in your hand luggage.
    • It is recommended to carry  unchecked baggage (such as strollers, safety seats etc.) in adequate packaging in order to protect it.


    Dangerous Substances in Baggage​

    Important to know:​ ​​​

    For additional details on dangerous articles in your baggage click here
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