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​​​​​​​​​​Do you prefer a seat near the window or on the aisle?​​​​

מזוודה ​
  • Purchased an UP Basic ticket?​ 
    You can choose and reserve your seat on the flight. The service entails a fee. If you do not choose a seat, you will receive a seat on a space available basis
  • Purchased an UP Smart ticket?
    You are entitled to sit in Economy Class Plus, in a Preferred Seat in Economy Class or on any seat on the plane, for free. Book early and choose the seat you want.​
  • ​​Benefits for EL AL Matmid Club premium members
    Top Platinum, Platinum and​ Gold members are entitled to UP Smart seating conditions even when purchasing an UP Basic ticket. Silver Matmid members may select a seat in Economy Class, at no charge on a space availability basis​​.
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FYI, you can reserve a seat up to 6 hours before your flight. The prices are per passenger and per flight segment.​


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​UP Basic 
UP Smart
​​​Select a seat in Economy Class$10(*)
​Seating in a Preferred Seat in
Economy Class **
​​Seating in Economy Class Plus$80 (*)
​​* Seat selection is subject to availability on the plane, at the time of reserving the seat.​
** A Preferred Seat in Economy Class is a seat adjacent to the exit door with extra legroom.​​
  • Please note: Seats may change due to a change in the type or configuration of the aircraft.​
  • ​The prices are listed in US dollars.​​​
  • Payment for services ordered at the check-in counters may be made only by credit card. It is possible to pay in cash at the cashier’s booth adjacent to the check-in counters.​​
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