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UP Fares

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​UP lets you fly the way you like, with the most 
attractive fares​​​

UP Fares 
  • UP Basic fare, including a basic product to which you can add various services of your choice.
  • UP Smart fare, including a selection of services and flexible conditions.​

UP Basic and UP​ Smart  services you can select​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​  Type of Service​​UP Basic
​​ UP Smart
One hand baggage item ​- 8​ kilo maximum, 56 x 45 x 25cm​
​​​ One checked-in bag - 23 kilos/158cm  * Pre-order $35

Reserve at the airport $70
​​​​ ​ 2nd-5th checked-in bag
weighing up to 23 kilos per bag
maximum size 158cm
​​* Pre-order $35

Reserve at the 
airport $70​

* Pre-order $35

Reserve at the 
airport $70​

Choose your seat in Economy Class $10

​ **

Preferred Seating in Economy Class ​$30      


Choose your seat in Economy Class Plus$60


​​ Check-in online and at the airport ​Free – Online

At check-in counter - $10

King David Lounge access for
flights departing from Israel
​Hospitality at lounges at UP destinationsFor additional fee >>
​Changes in flight ticket – change of date or departure time ​$55​​ ***

Flight cancelation

**** No monetary refund

 Full Refund​

No show

 No monetary refund

Cancelation fee $70

​Infant (ages 0-2) discount – no seat​​​
Point accumulation in Matmid Club ​***** ​*****
​​ ​Special additional baggage

Additional payment ​Additional payment

Matmid Club Membership Benefits​

Top Platinum, Platinum and Gold members of the Matmid Frequent Flyer Club are entitled to UP Smart seating, baggage and​ check-in conditions, even when pu​rchasing UP Basic tickets. In addition, they may enjoy access to the King David Lounge at Ben-Gurion Airport. Silver Members of the Club are entitled to a free seating in Economy Class, on condition of seat availability at the time of seat order/choice.​​



  • ​= included in price of flight ticket
  • ​Prices are per passenger per flight segment.
  • The prices are in US dollars. At some airports, payment is allowed only in the local currency according to the rate of exchange on the date the payment is made.
  • Payment for services ordered at the check-in counters may be made only by credit card.
  • In case of a combination between fares located within the same fare type or of fares located in different fare types, the more restrictive ticket conditions apply.
  • When purchasing a combined ticket (UP Smart and UP Basic) it is recommended to reserve the UP Smart flight segment separately, to retain the less restrictive conditions for making changes in the ticket.
  • *For advance reservations, paid on the UP website, through the Call Center and through travel agents
    ** Seat selection is on availability basis.
    *** Changes in date / time can be made only through your travel agent or through the UP  Call Center and entail an additional payment. Changes made through Up Call Center entail an additional handling fee and are subject to the price differentials in the tickets. ​  
    ****​Subject to all laws, including the Consumer Protection Law.
    *****All sub-classes earn points except for W and U when purchasing UP Basic
  • Subject to law, in any case of change or cancelation of additional services that have been purchased, no refund will be given and the passenger will be obliged to pay in full for services ordered.
    Unless otherwise specified, new reservations, changes and other services listed in the rate list and other services offered by UP from time to time, are subject to the general conditions for transporting passengers and baggage.

    The type of in-flight service is determined by the cabin in which you sit on the flight. 
    For more information: Economy Class and Economy Class Plus​.
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