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Travel guide and useful information about Israel

Traveling to Israel is an incredible way to explore the best of what the Mediterranean region has to offer.
Visit Tel Aviv the city that never sleeps; see Jerusalem the holy city, travel Nazareth or Haifa and enjoy the beaches and the sights. Take a few hours' drive up north to tour the green mountains of the Galilee or the snowy mountain tops of the Golan, or head south to the Dead Sea, Judah Desert or Eilat.

Whether you are interested in the religious sites & historical highlights in the Holy City, the sun, beach and nightlife in Tel Aviv, relaxation in Eilat or walking in the footsteps of Jesus by Nazareth, Israel has the perfect holiday program on offer for all tastes. You want to swim in the Dead Sea or prefer hiking through the green north of the country? When you are traveling to Israel, there is so much to discover that it will make you wish that the holiday season will last forever.

Read all about these wonderful & popular destinations in our Israel travel guide, learn about the attractions and interesting sites you can visit and choose the destination that will make your next vacation unforgettable.
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