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​​​​​​UP By EL AL Application

The application that will send you off on vacation is already here! Download the new UP application and begin planning your next vacation anyplace, anytime. 
Stuck in another long and boring meeting? Your boss doesn’t stop talking? Instead of staring into space, the time has come for you to download the new UP application. By the end of the meeting you’ll have the perfect vacation all set up.

Routine is totally wearing you down? You just can’t wait for your next vacation? With the new UP application, you’ll be able to book flight tickets at great prices to our various destinations, quickly and easily. Want to add one of UP’s extra services to your flight ticket? With the new app, you can order baggage service, purchase a Preferred Seat or a seat in Economy Class Plus, without any hassle.    

Still haven’t purchased a flight ticket? The application will let you organize your entire vacation at a click, book hotel accommodations, rent a car or simply choose one of our attractive vacation packages.

So when is this vacation finally happening? We’ve made it easy for you. With our new app you can manage your reservation, check in online, check the flight timetable and receive Matmid Club information and benefits with UP.

So, what are you waiting for?  Download the app and start packing!

UP By EL AL, now available on mobile shops (App Store, Google Play, )

What can you do through UP Application? 

  • ​Book a flight ticket offering the best value for your money
  • Book baggage service
  • Order a regular seat, a Preferred Seat or a seat in Economy Class Plus
  • Manage your reservation and check in online
  • Organize your vacation at a click 
  • Book extra services such as hotel accommodations, car rental, overseas travel insurance  and attractive vacation packages, including flights and hotels
  • Link up with UP’s social networks
  • View the flight departures and arrivals timetable 
  • Get Matmid Club information and benefits with UP

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